Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rand Paul wins 2016 Mackinac Presidential Straw Poll; Brian Calley Runs Away with Lt. Gov Straw Poll

Mackinac Island, MI—Gongwer News Service and Decider Strategies announced that Rand Paul won the 2016 Presidential straw poll and Brian Calley won the 2014 Lt. Governor straw poll decidedly. 

With 526 conference attendees voting in the Presidential straw poll, Rand Paul won the 2016 Presidential straw poll vote with 188 votes (36%); Chris Christie received 82 votes (16%).   

With 501 conference attendees voting in the LG race, Calley won the LG straw poll vote with a resounding 432 votes (86%) to 69 votes for Wes Nakagiri (14%). 

 “Lieutenant Governor Calley’s decisive win should hearten his backers as he looks to ward off a serious threat to renomination,” Gongwer Editor Zach Gorchow said. “His team had a strong presence on the Island and delivered a landslide for him. For Wes Nakagiri, he is just starting his campaign and was not able to bring enough supporters to top Calley.”

“The Mackinac conference attendees picked very clear winners. In the Lt. Governor race, Brian Calley won by a resounding margin. It’s good news for Brian Calley.  Many of these conference attendees will be at the state convention as voting delegates,” stated Sandler.  “In the presidential, Rand Paul won by a solid margin.”

Sandler said Paul’s victory shows he is building early support with various coalitions within the party. “It’s early in the game, but he’s off to a promising start,” Sandler said.  

The breakdown of the presidential:  526 total votes were cast.                    Rand Paul 188 (36%); Chris Christie 82 (16%); Jeb Bush 42 (8%); Scott Walker 39 (7%);  Ted Cruz 36 (7%). Others receiving votes included:  Nikki Haley 8; Bobby Jindal 7; John Kasich 4; Susanna Martinez 5; Sarah Palin 13; Mike Pence 8; Rick Perry 9; Robert Portman 5; Marco Rubio 25; Paul Ryan 23; Rick Santorum 8; Tim Scott 0; John Thune 12;.  Write-in:  Rick Snyder 8; Ron Paul 2; Michelle Bachmann 1; Allen West 1. 

The breakdown of the LG vote:  501 total votes were cast.  Brian Calley 432 votes (86%); Wes Nakagiri 69 votes (14%). 

In the Presidential race, Rand Paul joins Mitt Romney in 2011, Rick Snyder in 2009, and Mitt Romney in 2007 as winners of Mackinac straw polls.

The Straw Poll is not an official event or activity of the Mackinac Conference, and is in no way affiliated with or connected to the Mackinac Conference.  Gongwer News Service and Decider Strategies are the exclusive sponsors of the Straw Poll.  No other person, including without limitation, the Mackinac Conference and its sponsors, the Michigan Republican Party, or any candidate, has sponsored, financed, or is in any way connected with, the Straw Poll.

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