Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SecretiveSchauer.Com Website Released

SecretiveSchauer.Com Website Released
Will Schauer Reveal Donors and Expenses
for Schauer Community Fund and Blue Green Alliance?

Ann Arbor, MI—Stu Sandler, CEO of Decider Strategies, unveiled , a website dedicated to Mark Schauer’s secretive nonprofits and his unwillingness and inability to produce contributors and expenses for the Schauer Community Fund and the Blue Green Alliance.

“Mark Schauer is a hypocrite who calls for transparency for everyone but himself.  For the last several years, Schauer has been funded by nonprofits to the point where even his hometown paper was writing about him  as ‘Senator Slushfund.’”, said Sandler.  “Schauer has no credibility when it comes to this issue.  Schauer has been taking undisclosed money and perks and cannot tell anyone what he has received or spent.  Schauer is either incompetent or a hypocrite or both.”

In the October 23 Detroit Free Press article “Snyder Challenger Mark Schauer Had Nonprofit Fund as a State Lawmaker”, it was reported that Schauer failed to disclose 11 of 12 reports of contributors and expenses for the Schauer Community Fund over the past several years.  The fund reported incomplete payments for such things as  events, meals and gift baskets, although many years did not have any public reporting at all. It is unknown what else this fund paid for.  The Schuaer Community Fund was registered with the IRS at Schauer’s personal residence with Schauer’s wife listed as the registered agent according to the IRS. 

Additionally, Schauer has also failed to respond to challenges asking Schauer to list contributors who have paid his Blue Green Alliance salary since 2011 and all expenses paid for by the Blue Green Alliance benefiting Mark Schauer.

“Mark Schauer should stop being so secretive and come clean about his own slush funds,” stated Sandler.  “Like Bob Ficano, Schauer cannot argue he didn’t know. Schauer was either incompetent or unethical or both.”

The website can be viewed at